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1) Download the WSP file from Code Plex
2) Copy the WSP to your SharePoint 2010 server, e.g. c:\wsp
3) From the SharePoint PowerShell Shell run: add-spsolution c:\wsp\TSB.SharePointUrlShortener.wsp
4) If that was successful run: install-spsolution -identity TSB.SharePointUrlShortener.wsp -gacdeployment
5) Browse to your site and Site Actions > Site Settings > Site collection features
6) Find 'TSB SharePoint Url Shortener' and click 'Activate'
7) That's it....all done

How to use:
You can use this by browsing to a List or Document Library or a Document. If you're in a List or Document Library you can click the List or Library tab in the ribbon and you should see a new button for 'Generate Short Url'. Alternatively, on a Document you'll find the same option on the context menu.

This will then open a dialog window which lets you configure the short url that you want to use.

Also, by going to Settings and under the 'Look and feel' heading is 'Short Url Settings' - from here you can managed the short urls and create manual ones.

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